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In New Zealand, like many countries, we have a problem with access to justice. It’s costly, complicated, slow and uncertain.

At CODR we aim to simplify the justice process, speed it up, make it more efficient and drastically reduce the cost. CODR allows you or your lawyer to control the process. You can work on it wherever, whenever and however you’d like. We use independent experts who are knowledgeable in the subject matter that you’re dealing with and the dispute remains confidential and secure. We will get you an independent, fair and expert resolution to your problem — all online.

CODR was established by Michael Heron QC, former Solicitor-General of New Zealand. Michael has unique experience in litigation and has more recently led the digital transformation of the Crown Law Office in New Zealand. “The current court process is complex, lengthy and very expensive,” says Mike. “CODR provides access to expert justice in a way which is driven by you and your needs.” Michael Heron QC Former Solicitor-General of New Zealand

“Disputes are costly, stressful and time wasting – whether it's a business or personal one. CODR provides a modern (online) and cost effective tool to resolve these in all parties' interests – a genuine win win.”

Miriam Dean CNZM QC Barrister, mediator and company director

“Of all of the electronic dispute platforms presently available in New Zealand with which I am familiar, the CODR platform is the most sophisticated and best designed to maximise the opportunities and minimise the downsides of this type of mediation. I would strongly recommend individuals and companies involved in smaller commercial disputes to consider approaching CODR to seek assistance to get them resolved.”

Kenneth Johnston QC Barrister

“On-line dispute resolution can provide another option for clients who cannot afford to access traditional methods of dispute resolution.”

Mark Kelly Barrister

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Take the first step to resolving your dispute
Take the first step to resolving your dispute