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4 common reasons people get a separation agreement

There are many reasons couples get a separation agreement but the below are the top four common reasons we get approached for our service.   1. The bank told you to get one More and more it seems people contact us because they need to get a separation agreement before...

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Why get a prenup?

There is one thing that comes to mind when I hear the word prenup: sensible, but awkward. It would be the sensible thing to do, but so would not buying brunch every weekend. So why?   Why? Well at some point in the next 3 years I am going to stumble into a de-facto...

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Buy out: Selling Property after Separating

Can you still keep, or get rid of, your family home or investment properties after you separate? Of course!   What is a "Buy Out"? A mortgage buyout is one solution if you and your partner separate but still have mortgage obligations and one partner wants to keep the...

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Cost of a Separation Agreement

The cost of getting a Separation Agreement (or Contracting Out Agreement for that matter) is not expensive. Certainly, it is less expensive than going to the Family Court for an order to divide up your relationship property. If you are in a de facto relationship, you...

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Challenging trust property owned by one partner

What are trusts and how do they apply to relationship property? Firstly, even if you established the Trust, but your partner contributed to the assets, the Trust will not necessarily be separate property. This is true even if a third party established the Trust. To...

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Relationship Property Overseas: How the law applies to you

It is becoming increasingly more common for long distance relationships to be the norm where partners may be based overseas. Consequently, many have assets overseas, and may be curious as to how the law handles the division of relationship property. To begin, you...

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Contracting Out Agreements: 10 things you must know

The Property Relationships Act (the ‘Act’) allows couples to "opt out" of the "normal rules". These rules detail how the Family Court might divvy up your shared relationship property. Do this through a contracting out agreement. By making an agreement, you and your...

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Prenup agreement: when or should you get one?

What is a Prenup? This question is frequently asked by couples, wondering whether they should get a prenup agreement. Depending on your situation, we think this is a good idea. Recently this was the topic of a NZ Herald article, showing more and more couples...

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