Privacy Policy 


At CODR we highly prioritise the security of any personal information you give us and we value your trust in CODR. To ensure we are able to help you in our full capacity it is important that we have access to this information.

This Privacy Policy covers how we may collect information about you, how we may use this it to satisfy your particular requirements, and how we secure it, all in accordance to Privacy Act 1993. This Privacy Policy does not seek to limit or exclude any of your rights under any applicable privacy laws. 

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on 21 December 2018. 


How may CODR collect your information? 

At CODR we may collect your personal information in various ways:

  • Information you provide us with directly 

When you sign up to CODR we will ask you to provide certain personal details to us. This may range from contact details such as your email address and phone number to a quick summary of your dispute in order to gain an understanding of how we can support you best. This may also include any sensitive or confidential information provided for the purpose of resolving your legal dispute.  

  • Information we gather automatically 

One of the only pieces of information we will gather from you automatically is your IP address. 

  • Information we gather from third parties

CODR only gathers information from third parties with your consent or where this is publicly available. If your dispute meets an agreement, your lawyer may be obligated to send through a copy of this agreement to CODR or any relevant parties. Throughout the dispute, any other personal details you provide your lawyer are confidential to you and your lawyer and will not be sent to CODR.


How may CODR use your information? 

From the information you provide us with on the CODR website, we will disclose this information to one or more of our experts so as to obtain the best expert to resolve your dispute or provide you legal advice online. 

We use independent experts who are knowledgeable in the subject matter that you’re dealing with and the dispute remains confidential and secure. 

We may use your information such as phone or email to communicate with you about your issue. This allows us to keep you up to date with any important information concerning your dealings with CODR. 

At CODR, we will not disclose your information without your authorisation, and we will not sell or rent information to anyone. 


How do we ensure your information is secure and protected?  

The security of your personal data is paramount at CODR. We are focused on protecting your personal data and have implemented suitable technical and organisational measures to make sure this happens. However,  if you post comments on our website, you acknowledge and agree that the information is publicly available. 

We ensure that any of our partner software has a high standard of data security and protection.

You can access each of our partner software’s privacy policies here:  

At CODR, each of our experts are required to carry out a personalised privacy training which teaches them about cyber security and how they can best keep your information secure. 


How can I protect my information? 

Always communicate to CODR via our verified contact email addresses or through our partner software. 

Never provide personal information over the internet unless it is a secure network. Otherwise you provide this information at your own risk. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of your personal digital safety, complete the Digital Citizenship assessment from Digital Journey.


Mailing Lists

CODR does not currently operate a mailing list. However, we do have an email database and customer relationship management system using the forms provided on CODR’s website. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease the addresses on this lists to anyone.

CODR will the course of the provision of services only send emails to those who want to receive it. If individuals do not want to receive emails from CODR, there is the ability to contact us to be removed from all future correspondence.


Any questions?

If you have any questions relating to any personal information which CODR holds, please email us at