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Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be

Resolve your relationship property disputes quickly and easily with CODR

Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be

Resolve your relationship property disputes quickly and easily with CODR


A relationship property dispute can take up to 24 months (or more) from start to finish in the Courts. Get a binding resolution outside Court in a fraction of the time.


Everyone knows that time equals money. A quicker, streamlined online process results in a much cheaper outcome for both parties.


The Courts have complex rules which apply across the board. We’ve made our process as simple as possible by only keeping rules that are needed.

Relationship Property

If you’re married, in a civil union or a de facto relationship the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 dictates how your property is divided when you separate from your partner.

For more detailed information on the Property (Relationships) Act and how it may affect you, please read our articles below.

Any such dispute is likely to be of great significance to you and the others involved. You want to have it dealt with fairly, efficiently and expertly. CODR’s online property dispute process gives you that option and ensures both parties are well looked after, every step of the way.

What are the benefits of resolving a dispute online?

Relationship property dispute settled quickly and easily

Jeremy and Caroline* decided to separate after a short marriage. Like many separated couples they were facing the arduous task of having to divide their relationship property and wanted to do it quickly and fairly.

They approached CODR and provided an overview of their situation online. After a chat with CODR over the phone, they decided to use the online CODR process to resolve their issues. They liked the idea of the fast process with a legally binding decision, the cost savings they would make and avoiding a stressful Court process.

After reviewing their case, CODR appointed a suitable arbitrator Suzanne Robertson QC, a leading relationship property barrister. Suzanne and CODR worked with the parties to progress them — right through all their sticking points— to a fair and reasonable resolution. This was done all within 95 working days, a significantly shorter timeframe than comparable Court proceedings which can take well up to two years.

The process resulted in a legally binding arbitral award that Jeremy and Caroline can rely on, moving forward emotionally and financially better off.

*Names have been changed

The Court costs are an estimate only. The CODR cost is a fixed and actual cost (which will be advised at the time your expert is appointed)

“The CODR team was helpful, willing and very responsive.  I recommend the process as it is clean, the decision is final and it is much quicker than Court.”


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